At Pro Media Group, we are more than just another CPA and Direct Response Advertising Agency. We form longstanding, professional, relationships with our clients to ensure they are getting the maximum potential out of their advertising dollar.


When you connect with us, you are instantly put in touch with an extensive global network of media outlets and valuable advertising resources.


Once we’ve connected, Pro Media Group will help you go through and identify your advertising goals based on a variety of factors.


Once your needs have been identified, it’s time to put your tailored plan into action. From there, it’s just a matter of tracking your results.

BET Networks

“I have worked with Sharon Lior, the owner of Pro Media throughout my entire career. She had always been a true partner, trying to find a win win solution for both her client and the networks. Pro Media is an extension of her and therefore holds customer service as an integral part of their company philosophy. Pro Media is always looking for cutting edge ways to enhance their business model and offer their clients innovative ways to increase their exposure with their media partners. I have always found Sharon Lior and Pro Media to be professional, easy to deal with and proactive when needed.”

Risa Rosenthal | Vice President, Direct Response Advertising | BET Networks
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