At Pro Media Group, we are more than just another CPA and Direct Response Advertising Agency. We form longstanding, professional, relationships with our clients to ensure they are getting the maximum potential out of their advertising dollar.


When you connect with us, you are instantly put in touch with an extensive global network of media outlets and valuable advertising resources.


Once we’ve connected, Pro Media Group will help you go through and identify your advertising goals based on a variety of factors.


Once your needs have been identified, it’s time to put your tailored plan into action. From there, it’s just a matter of tracking your results.


“Pro Media Group Delivers on a number of different levels. They begin by defining who they are: A group of consummate professionals who bring a wealth of media expertise to the table, taking media management to a whole new level. The unparalleled personalized and customized service they provide to every single client, coupled with long term relationships with all local and national media companies adds up to an Equation For Success! Pro Media Group…don’t think DR without them!”

Elliot Simmons | Sales Manager | CBS WLNY-TV New York
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